Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level - 2 Instructor
Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level - 2 Instructor

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level - 2 Instructor

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Location: Mountain Trout Camp - accommodation is included. 

This course provides national certification in the instruction and administration of the Paddle Canada Level - 2 Skills course.


The Sea Kayak Level-2 Instructor is certified to:

  • Conduct Waterfront Kayak,
    • Basic Kayak,
    • Rolling Skills clinic,
    • Level-1 Skills and
    • Level-2 Skills courses and certify paddlers at those levels
  • Assist a Level-3 Instructor on a Level-3 Skills course, and
  • Assist a Level-1 Instructor Trainer on a Level-1 instructor course

The level 2 instructor course is a uniquely challenging experience where, you will learn to deliver lessons in demanding conditions, including broken water, surf and current.

We will work on your ability to teach 'instructor led' topics such as weather, navigation and seamanship while developing your leadership and group management skills.


    • At least 18 years of age.
    • Skills Certification
    • Instructor Certification
      • Level 1 Instructor
      • You must have been a registered coach on at least two (2) Level 1 skills courses.
    • Teaching Experience
      • A minimum of two, Level-1 Skills courses within the past three years, being the lead instructor on both courses.
      • Significant teaching experience as a Level-1 Instructor in a wide variety of conditions and locations including a minimum of 15 days of logged instruction of Level-1 curriculum (either courses or clinics).
    • First Aid Certification
      • Current certification in first aid (14 hours) with CPR.
    • Paddling Experience
      • Significant paddling experience in a wide variety of conditions and locations.


    Course Length

    40 hours of instruction (5 days) with a minimum 30 hours instruction on the water.