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In level 2, it is time to venture into coastal waters. This program is offered in three ways: 
  • Option 1: Tobermory, 1000 Islands or Nova Scotia BasecampBest suited to people who prefer to do something other than backcountry camping or would like to have a greater emphasis on individual skills.
    • We camp in a single, front country camp spot in a beautiful location. Each morning we do a weather forecast as a group and pick a world-class launch spot on the Saugeen/Bruce Peninsula to explore and learn.
  • Option 2: Instructional Touring (Fox Islands, Moon River)Best suited to people confident in their skills.
    • We do an expedition-style instructional tour. The course is a 4-5 day consecutive trip. We will explore a beautiful and special location while going over the program. 
  • Option 3: Park and Play (Toronto, Niagara): There is no camping in this program. We meet each morning at a local launch spot. Toronto is accessible by public transit.