Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level - 1 Instructor
Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level - 1 Instructor

Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Level - 1 Instructor

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This course provides national certification in the instruction and administration of the Paddle Canada Level-1 Skills course.

Mandate of the Level-1 Instructor

The Level-1 Instructor is certified to:

  • Conduct Paddle Canada Waterfront Kayak, Basic Kayak and Level-1 Skills courses and certify paddlers at those levels,
  • Assist a Level-2 Instructor on a Level-2 Skills course, and
  • Assist a Basic Kayak Instructor Trainer on a Basic Kayak Instructor or Waterfront Instructor course.


  • At least 18 years of age.
  • Skills Certification
    • Paddle Canada Level-2 Skills.
  • Instructor Certification
    • Basic Kayak Instructor highly suggested.
  • Teaching Experience
    • None, though it is highly recommended that the prospective candidate have taught a minimum of two Basic Kayak Skills courses within the past three years, being the lead instructor on at least one of those courses.
  • First Aid Certification
    • Current certification in first aid (14 hours) with CPR.
  • Paddling Experience
    • 30 days in Level-1 conditions (including overnights).

Skills certification prerequisite note: With the permission of the Instructor Trainer, a candidate may enroll in a Level-1 Instructor course prior to completing their Level-2 Skills certification. Certification as a Level-1 Instructor is delayed until Level-2 skill certification and all other requirements are complete. Passing the instructor course will be subject to the provision of completing the required Level-2 skill certification and updating the Instructor Course Report within one year.

This provision applies only to the Level-1 Instructor course and does not apply to any other certification.

Course Length

40 hours of instruction (5 days) with a minimum 16 hours instruction on the water.