Paddle Canada Level 2 - Moon River

Paddle Canada Level 2 - Moon River

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Moon river is local crown land with easy camping, lots of access to river currents and one of the most unique navigating challenges in the world, being located in the biggest freshwater archipelago on earth, the 30,000 Islands.

This trip is a 4 day Paddle Canada Level 2 instructional touring adventure. 

We will cover the following theory topics:

  1. Risk Management 
  2. Kayak Navigation and Trip Planning 
  3. Weather forecasting & interpretation 
  4. Tides & Currents 

This is a general idea. Things may change due to weather or other factors.

Day 1 -  Launch from Woods Bay

Risk management presentation

  1. Level 1 Review
  2. Four Corners (turning under momentum) - Level 2 quality
    1. Sweep strokes
    2. Bow and cross bow rudder
    3. High and low brace turns
  3. Rescues in level 2 conditions
    1. Self rescue
    2. Assisted rescue
    3. Bow Rescue

Day 2 -  Fish and Chips

Weather forecasting & interpretation 

  1. Coastal Touring
  2. Launching and Landing
  3. Intro to rolling
  4. Complex towing scenario

Day 3 - Search for Shipwrecks

Navigation presentation

  1. Daily weather interpretation.
  2. Ded reckoning day
    1. We will use charts, plotters and compassess to find shipwrecks and lighthouses.
  3. Cave extractions
  4. Pack for overnight if possible

Day 4 -  Waterfalls

  1. Daily weather interpretation.
  2. Ded reckoning exercises.
  3. Search for play
    1. Rock hopping
    2. Launching and landing in tricky spots
  4. Tides & Currents presentation at camp

PM – Individual participant feedback, assessments and certification presentations.


For the purposes of this class, you will require: Full List

  • A sea kayak, with 2 bulkheads. 
    • We provide you with a fibreglass NDK sea kayak for the weekend at no charge. You may use your own, if you wish.
    • You will need a pump, a whistle, and a 15m floating rope. They are available to purchase.
  • Drysuits are available if required, no charge.
  • A PFD is mandatory, you must bring your own.
  • A paddle, we will provide a Nimbus carbon fibre Wavewalker for you to use.
  • Camping gear
  • We do not provide food but we will do a trip planning exercise prior to the date of the course.