Coached Pool Time - Winter Season
Coached Pool Time - Winter Season
Coached Pool Time - Winter Season

Coached Pool Time - Winter Season

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Stay Sharp Over the Winter Months
Come to the pool over the winter months to work on your skills and stay sharp.  We will have guest coaches for some of the sessions, so please check in often. The sessions are limited to four students for every one instructor. These events are bring your own kayak. However, we would be happy to rent a composite sea kayak, if required. 
All classes start at 6:15

For the purposes of this class, you will require:

  • A kayak. 
    • Rentals are available, if needed.
  • A PFD is mandatory.
  • A paddle.

During this class, you:

  • Get coaching on strokes, rescues, and other topics
  • Will get wet.
    • Bring spare clothes and a towel.
    • Pool attire
    • You may want to wear your wetsuit or drysuit but it is not required.
  • Have fun.
    • It may not seem like it at first, but learning these skills are very rewarding and a ton of fun.
  • Make friends.
    • You will meet a group of kayakers similar to you at the same point in their development.
We believe that this class should be fun, laid back and offered in a positive, inclusive experience. We will incorporate games, group activities and real world scenarios as much as possible. We will not put you on the spot, make you demonstrate in front of the class (unless you want to) or speak in front of crowds. If that and the promise of terrible Dad jokes appeals to you, you have found the place to sign up.
Coached Pool Time - Winter Season