Kayak Ontario - Navigation Level 2
Kayak Ontario - Navigation Level 2

Kayak Ontario - Navigation Level 2

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Saugeen Peninsula - Techniques for Navigating a Sea Kayak in Coastal Waters - Full Day

We navigate every day, driving to a friends house to watch the game is a great example. In our everyday life we use landmarks such as roads, signs and traffic lights to navigate in our own community. Navigating a kayak safely on the water may seem challenging but really we are applying the same basic techniques. 

In this on water course we will cover the following learning outcomes:

  • Pick a launch spot based on local conditions
  • Create a float plan
  • Use charts and/or topographic maps to interpret aids to navigation and determine potential hazards as well as identify common symbols on a chart/map.
  • Participants should be able to co-locate those features in the real world,
    • use charts and/or topographical maps to determine possible launching/landing sites, possible campsites or other practical features for sea kayakers.
  • Use charts and/or topographical maps to navigate a route.
  • Confidently take a bearing from a chart/map.
  • Confidently shoot and follow a bearing for at least 1 nautical mile.
  • This course is a great way to prepare for a Paddle Canada Level 2 or above skills award.
    • You will need level 1 or equivalent to attend.


This is clinic is inline with the theory and practical portion of a Paddle Canada Level 2+.

This course is for any kayaker, intermediate or novice looking to make navigation when kayaking simple and error free; this course is unique because it includes both a theory session (classroom based) and a practical paddling session where your news skills can be tested on the water. You’ll practice and complete navigating exercises from the deck of a kayak not on the beach or in a wheelhouse!

All aspects relevant to kayak navigation are covered in this workshop; piloting, reading nautical charts and maps, identifying hazards, checkpoints (fixes), hand railing, backstops and finally ‘Ded’ reckoning, the ability to navigate in poor or no visibility FOG!

For the purposes of this class, you will require: 

  • A sea kayak, with 2 bulkheads. 
    • Rentals are available. Please enquire 
    • You will need a pump, a whistle, and a 15m floating rope. They are available to purchase.
  • Dry suits rental are available if required.
  • A PFD is mandatory, you must bring your own.
  • We do not provide food but we will do a trip planning exercise prior to the date of the course.