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Paddle Canada - Basic Kayak Instructor
Paddle Canada - Basic Kayak Instructor

Paddle Canada - Basic Kayak Instructor

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The Basic Kayak Instructor course is designed to provide individuals with comprehensive training and national certification in the instruction and administration of the Paddle Canada Basic Kayak Skills course. This course covers all the fundamental skills required for kayaking, such as paddling techniques, water safety, basic navigation, and rescue procedures. Through this program, participants will learn how to teach these skills to others and how to assess students' progress and performance. Upon successful completion of the Basic Kayak Instructor course, individuals will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver safe and effective kayak instruction to beginner students.

A Basic Kayak Instructor is certified to

  • conduct Waterfront Kayak and Basic Kayak skills courses and certify paddlers at those levels,
  • assist a Level-1 Instructor on a Level-1 Skills course,
  • assist a Kayak Rolling Instructor on a Kayak Rolling clinic, and
  • assist a Basic Kayak Instructor Trainer on a Waterfront Kayak Instructor course.

Important note: You DO NOT need special permission to register for this course. If you have Paddle Canada Level 1 Skills, you are welcome to register for this program. We look forward to seeing you at the course :)

Course Prerequisites:

  • At least 16 years of age.
  • Certification
    • Sea Kayak Level-1 Skills
  • First Aid
    • Current certification in first aid (14 hours) with CPR.
  • Teaching Experience
    • None
  • Paddling Experience
    • Significant paddling experience in a wide variety of conditions and locations.
    • Candidates are expected to be able to perform all safety and skill items to a level and confidence superior to that of a student taking the Basic Kayak Skill course.

Course Notes:

  • There is an additional fee of $99 (plus tax) for your Paddle Canada Instructor membership.

For the purposes of this class, you will require: Full List

  • A sea kayak, with 2 bulkheads. 
  • Dry suits are available to borrow if required.
  • Camping gear (Saugeen only) - we have some for rent, please enquire if needed.
  • There is no camping on the Toronto courses.
  • Food is not included but meal plans are available.

This program does not include camping.