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Paddle Canada Level 3 Prep - 100 Wild Islands, Nova Scotia
Paddle Canada Level 3 Prep - 100 Wild Islands, Nova Scotia

Paddle Canada Level 3 Prep - 100 Wild Islands, Nova Scotia

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Camping -  Skills Preparation

This course is run from a base camp which is Included in the price

Paddle Canada's Level 3 is an advanced kayaking course that will prepare you for an exciting challenge. This clinic is designed for paddlers who are looking to explore the Atlantic Ocean. During this course, you will build on the foundational skills you learned in Level 2. 

The 100 Wild Islands is a beautiful archipelago that is renowned for its scenic trails for hiking and paddling. It is also home to the world-famous Clam Harbour. If you have the proper skills and gear, it is a paradise for sea kayaking. We will explore the area thoroughly while learning kayak skills.

Sample Trip Plan:


  • Instructor delivered presentations:
    • Risk Management 
    • Kayak Navigation 
    • Weather forecasting & Interpretation
    • Tides & Currents
  • DAY 1
    • Arrive & Welcome/Questions and Answers Facilities orientation
    • Risk Management - Instructor-Led Presentation
    • An Introduction to Tide & Currents – Instructor-Led Presentation
    • Lunch PM
    • On Water Stroke Clinic
    • Rescue Clinic
    • Dinner
    • Video analysis 
DAY 2 
    • Weather forecasting and interpretation – instructor-led presentation
    • An introduction to paddling in current (Current Clinic) 
    • Turning strokes under momentum
    • Group navigation challenge
    • Individual Rolling Lessons (optional)
    • Dinner
    • Navigation - Instructor-Led Presentation
    • Video review
  • DAY 3
    • Day Paddle to the 100 Wild Islands (Group Navigation Challenge)
    • Towing, plus towing scenario pertinent to L3 skills (group challenge)
    • Dinner
    • Review of the day
  • DAY 4
    • Rock Gardening
    • Rescue Clinic
    • All in Rescue
    • Lunch
    • Participant Reviews 
  • Day 5
    • Group paddle for fun. 
    • Search for play opportunities.
    • Optional surf clinic.
Price includes: 
  • A sea kayak, with 2 bulkheads. 
  • Dry suits are available to rent if required.
  • Food is not included. You will need to bring your own snacks and lunches.

Not included:

  • Transportation to Norse Cove.
  • Meals
  • Drysuit Rental

This program offers a 4-night camping experience, but please keep in mind that transportation arrangements are the responsibility of participants.

We express gratitude towards the Indigenous peoples of what is now known as Canada, as well as the circumpolar region of the Northern Hemisphere, for sharing their knowledge with us.