Kayak Ontario Gift Cards
Kayak Ontario Gift Cards

Kayak Ontario Gift Cards

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To our valued community members and customers,

2020 has shaped up to be a very challenging year. We decided to make some major investments to ramp up the offerings that we could offer in the upcoming season, and we got sideswiped.


For full disclosure, we used the money we collected for the following items:

  • Training (Paddle Canada, First Aid)
  • Equipment to run the classes.
  • Website and store infrastructure.
  • Fixed costs to run the courses (campsites, insurance).
  • Kayak Ontario hires many coaches and pays a big portion of their fees in advance.
  • We donated to paddling related causes in the community.

If you would like to continue to support us, and you have the means, please consider buying a gift card. The money will go to help keeping KO afloat. We will not be asking for the coaches or causes to refund us (I doubt many of them could as they are in a similar situation), so we need to be able to cover our costs.

When you purchase a gift card, we will honor it until you use it, this year, next year or anytime after that. 

We will all get through this,