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2024 Pre Order - New NDK Romany Excel
2024 Pre Order - New NDK Romany Excel

2024 Pre Order - New NDK Romany Excel

Regular price $5,400

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For over 20 years, NDK Sea Kayaks have been renowned for their rough water handling, solid secondary stability, superb fit and durable construction. A number one choice for coaches around the world and recreational paddlers alike, NDK has a model to suit everyone.

  • Size
    • Length 510 cm
    • Width 56.5 cm 
  • Volume (Storage capacity)
    • Front hatch approx. 67lts
    • Rear hatch approx. 41.6lts
    • Day hatch approx. 47lts
    • Cockpit approx. 150lts
  • Why do you want this kayak?
    • The Romany Excel is essentially an enlarged Romany Surf. It has been enlarged in every dimension; length, width and depth, but primarily width. This means it brings all the same great qualities of the Romany Surf, just in the right proportions for the extra large paddler. This makes it a great play, day trip and weekend expedition boat.
    • The Romany Excel Expedition is a 30cm longer version of the Excel. With the same width and depth it accommodates the extra large paddler with most of the same characteristics. The primary differences being the extra length increases the hull speed and reduces the maneuverability. The extra length also increases the weight carrying capacity making it an excellent expedition kayak for the extra large paddler. - Link


Picking a skirt

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A lot of paddlers tend to buy expedition type kayaks when in reality they will only use them for this purpose a couple of times a year and the vast majority of their paddling trips are day or weekend trips where a better fitting and therefore sharper handling kayak would make their time on the water more enjoyable!


Terms & Conditions

1. A 50% down payment is required.
2. The balance is due in full on delivery/collection
3. Prices are excluding GST
4. Prices include $200 per kayak shipping cost from NDK Factory to Hamilton
insurance and brokerage charges. Shipping cost which exceed $200 per kayak will be charged per kayak extra upon collection as a shipping surcharge.
5. Kayak Ontario will store kayaks free of charge for 14 days from delivery after which a storage fee of $50 per kayak per month will be charged.