NDK Romany Excel
NDK Romany Excel

NDK Romany Excel

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For over 20 years, NDK Sea Kayaks have been renowned for their rough water handling, solid secondary stability, superb fit and durable construction. A number one choice for coaches around the world and recreational paddlers alike, NDK has a model to suit everyone.

  • Size
    • Length 510 cm
    • Width 56.5 cm 
  • Volume (Storage capacity)
    • Front hatch approx. 67lts
    • Rear hatch approx. 41.6lts
    • Day hatch approx. 47lts
    • Cockpit approx. 150lts
  • Why do you want this kayak?
    • A manoeuvrable and direction stable kayak for the extra large paddler. 200-250+ lbs.
    • Designed for rough water and ease of handling in conditions. Due to boxy rails this kayak will also be suitable for the paddler who wants more stability.
    • The kayak has a larger and wider keyhole cockpit and offers extra leg room due to a raised area either side of the cockpit.
    • The sloping bulkhead behind the seat allows the kayak to be emptied by lifting only the bow, no x-rescue is necessary.


Picking a skirt

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A lot of paddlers tend to buy expedition type kayaks when in reality they will only use them for this purpose a couple of times a year and the vast majority of their paddling trips are day or weekend trips where a better fitting and therefore sharper handling kayak would make their time on the water more enjoyable!


Terms & Conditions

1. A 50% down payment is required.
2. The balance is due in full on delivery/collection
3. Prices are excluding GST
4. Prices include $200 per kayak shipping cost from NDK Factory to Hamilton
insurance and brokerage charges. Shipping cost which exceed $200 per kayak will be charged per kayak extra upon collection as a shipping surcharge.
5. Kayak Ontario will store kayaks free of charge for 14 days from delivery after which a storage fee of $50 per kayak per month will be charged.