Kayak Repair Clinic
Kayak Repair Clinic
Kayak Repair Clinic

Kayak Repair Clinic

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January 10 , 2024 @ 5 - 9 PM
January 11 , 2024 @ 1 - 5 PM
Location: TBA, Hamilton
Featuring Joey Schott from

This kayak repair clinic covers:

  • Skeg repairs
  • Gel coat repairs
  • Colour matching
  • Glass repairs
  • When to get more help from a pro


One of the most common issues kayakers face is damage to their boats. Whether it's a scratch, a crack, or a kinked skeg wire, these issues can be frustrating and potentially dangerous if left unaddressed.

The damage looks nasty now, but she'll b

That's why it's important to know how to make basic repairs to your kayak. This kayak repair clinic will teach you how to fix the common problems like listed above. You'll also learn how to match the color of your repair to the rest of your boat so that it looks seamless.

This clinic will give you an intro to skills you need to make basic repairs. 

Kayak Repair Clinic