Paddle Canada Level 4 - British Columbia
Paddle Canada Level 4 - British Columbia

Paddle Canada Level 4 - British Columbia

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For Experienced Paddlers

Level 4 is the final course in the Paddle Canada Sea Kayak Skills program. This dual location course will find the best (and worst) conditions to test your ability and provide the skills and knowledge required for sea kayak multi-day trips along an open coast with infrequent landing opportunities in rough conditions.

By the time you join a level 4 course you're already an accomplished paddler, you can handle your kayak in a variety of conditions, however, your skill improvement at this level is small and you won't see the same advances that you experienced on other courses. This program is designed to refine existing skills and “question” preconceived notions about sea kayaking. On this program everyone is challenged to contribute to the group’s learning. The focus is on expedition behavior as a paddling group of peers; group management, judgement and mutual safety in an exciting and challenging environment.

Effective and reliable rescues are crucial to success at Level-4 and you will need to demonstrate the ability to adapt to different situations. Trip planning and a practical test of navigation skills will form part of the assessment; a written test will include knowledge of weather and general seamanship.


  • Paddle Canada Level-3 skills.
    • To obtain the award, there is an expectation that you can roll your kayak.
  • A strong handle of the skills learned in Level 3.
  • Experience paddling in rough water.
  • You will have a turn leading the group through a scenario.

 Price Includes:

  • A sea kayak, with 2 bulkheads. 
    • We have fiberglass NDK sea kayaks for rent.

Not Included:

    • Personal paddling equipment
    • Dry suits are available if required.
    • A PFD is mandatory, you must bring your own.
    • A paddle
    • Camping gear
    • We do not provide food on Level 4

    This program includes 2 nights and Quadra Island Lodge and 3 nights camping on Vargas Island.

    We would like to acknowledge that the land on which we gather (Known as Quadra Island) is the traditional territory of the  Coast Salish Indigenous People, which includes the traditional lands of the Wei Wai Kai and Wei Wai Kum Indigenous People.

    We are grateful for the knowledge shared with us by the Indigenous peoples of what is now known as Canada as well as the circumpolar region of the Northern Hemisphere.